Member Benefits

Our Buyers’ Club Members have such an impact on the programming offered through SAAF. Only accomplished by Member’s support is it possible for us to continue to provide complementary therapies for our SAAF clients.

Every dollar that you spend at the Buyers’ Club provides financial support for SAAF programs that assist individuals affected by and living with HIV/AIDS. All proceeds support our community and remain here, in our communities.

Membership has the additional benefits of selecting special order items and comprehensive information on the latest industry research and time-tested products.  We offer direct shipping of your orders door to door, if you choose.

Here is what our Members are saying:

“For at least 10 years the Buyer’s Club has been my first choice when shopping for supplements. It definitely is not a “vitamin outlet”, far from that concept.  It is a great resource for a person like me who likes to know that what I am ingesting is of the highest quality as well as from a trusted and reputable manufacturer. 

I’ve been impressed with the attention the managers give to me when I have questions and concerns.  I feel good when I leave because I have purchased top of the line supplements from outstanding human beings.

I don’t want to forget to add that the shared space of the Cactus Drug Pharmacy and the Buyer’s Club is a real convenience and quite a novel concept.  I can take care of any prescriptions at the same time!  The pharmacy is owned and run by Deb & Greg, who are wonderful folks…”

-Marian C.


“The Buyers’ Club has been such a help to me! I’m feeling better taking the supplements, I’m getting more than I could afford to purchase otherwise and since all of you have been there, the visits to the Buyers’ Club have been fun as well. 

I’ve really enjoyed that you have pointed out new items too!  It’s nice to be able to suggest items that can be ordered.

So, many thanks for being so helpful for my use at the Buyers’ Club and making it interesting, fun and beneficial to my health as well. Best Regards!”

-Ken C.