LTP (Lyphoactivated Thymic Peptids)

60 capsules
Ecological Formulas

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LTP is a scientifically designed supplement containing thymulin, thymosin, thymolymphotropin, and other polypeptides.

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Product Description

Many diseases can, directly or indirectly, be traced back to a disorder of the immune system. Anergy, the lack of active immune cells, opens the door to germs. Allergy, the hyperactivity of the immune system, leads to serious breakdowns, mainly, because the body attacks and destroys itself. The use of thymus peptides, enzymes and factors can, in both cases, contribute to the regulation of the immune system.

Product Ingredients

Thymus Extract…600mg
Papain…30 mg
Also Contains: Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide
Does Not Contain: corn, soy, yeast, or wheat

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