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Manganese is a mineral concentrated in the liver, bone, pituitary gland, kidney, pancreas and intestines

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Product Description

It is an activator for and part of many enzyme systems, is important in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, is necessary for normal skeletal growth, and is valuable for the assimilation and utilization of thiamine, biotin, and ascorbic acid. Manganese is important to the production of milk, the formation of urea, and the maintenance of sex hormone production.

Product Ingredients

Suggested Use: One to two capsules with each meal.
One Capsule contains:
Vitamin C… 80mg
Vitamin D3…50IU
Vitamin E …10IU
Thiamine… 5mg
Vitamin B6… 10mg
Vitamin B12 …10mcg
Calcium… 26mg
Horsetail …100mg
Choline… 30mg
Bioflavonoids …20mg
Rose Hips… 5mg
Green Pea Concentrate… 200mg
Raw Liver Concentrate… 10mg

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